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Designed by the leading Day Clock brand in the USA.
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Purchasing for NDIS or HomeCare package?

  • A tax invoice is automatically issued upon checkout.
  • Need a tax invoice prior to purchase? No problem, click here.

Product Details

  • As featured on The Today Show.
  • Official Australian Robin Clock Supplier.
  • 2022 version. Digital Day Clock 2.0.
  • Australian Stock, Australian Support.
  • 8" Wide Viewing Angle Display
  • Fully Customisable Reminder Alarms
  • One-Touch Talking Clock
  • Scheduled time announcements
  • Easy Access Side Buttons (lockable)
  • 10 Display Languages Supported
  • Snooze Button
  • Auto Dimming (Programmable)
  • 5 Display Themes & Multiple Colour Themes
  • Auto Adjusts for Day Light Savings
  • Battery Back-Up in case of power outage
  • In-built Wall Mount and Table Top Stand
  • Numerous colour options available

Shipping & Warranty

  • Shipping to Australia & New Zealand

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Local Australian support and warranty

  • Gift wrapping available

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What makes the robin Day Clock so special?

The problem with other Day Clocks is that they are difficult to use. The buttons are located on the rear and are flush with the body of the clock, so they are very difficult to locate without looking at the back of the clock, and if the clock is wall mounted it's impossible to access them without taking the clock off the wall, even just to silence an alarm.

Further, the reminders are loud, their volume can't be adjusted and they go for almost a minute (unless you can find the buttons on the rear to turn the alarm off), so they can easily startle or panic people.

Robin clock was designed from the ground up by the No.1 day clock brand in the USA to address all of these issues and more.
- Buttons are easily accessible on the side of the clock.
- Contextual on screen labels to easily identify each button.
- Buttons are beautifully designed for a tactile experience, making it easy to locate them without the need to look at the back of the clock.

Additionally, all reminders are fully customisable. You can set:
- The length of time the alarm sounds for.
- The volume of the alarm.
- The preferred sound of the alarm.
- If the alarm can be snoozed or not.
- Repeatability of the alarm.
- Which days of the week you want the alarm to sound.
- If the screen should flash or not.

Brand: Robin

Display: 8" LED, wide viewing angle colour display


- Australian Power Supply (included) 5V @ 1amp

- 1 metres cable length

- RCM Compliant. Meets Australian safety standards.

Package Dimensions: 23.7 x 19.4 x 6.1 cm

Weight: 544 g

Can I return the clock if I don’t like it?

Yes. Send your clock back within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked. Just contact us at and we’ll set up a return for you and refund your purchase in full when we receive the Day Clock.

What are the dimensions of the clock?

The clock dimensions are 8.25" x 6.5" (21 x 16.5 cm).

Depth is is 1.1" (2.8cm) and with the stand pulled out (leg) it is 3.75" (9.5cm) deep.

The screen is 8" (20.3 cm), measured diagonally (diagonal measurement is the standard measurement for screens). 

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is 1.8 metres long to provide flexible placement and it is certified to Australian safety standards.

Does the clock retain the correct time in the event of a power failure?

Yes, the Day Clock has an internal battery that allows it to automatically reset itself to the right time and date in the event of a power failure. It will retain all the information, including the alarms.

Does the clock auto adjust for Daylight Savings Time?

Yes, daylight savings adjustments happen automatically. During set up you select the region you are in.

Can this clock be seen clearly during the night time?

The clock can be read clearly in the dark as well as during the day. 

Does the box or instructions make any mention of Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.?

No, it does not.

Can this clock work on batteries alone?

No, all Day Clocks operate with a power adapter.

Does the Day Clock support other languages besides for English?

Yes, our Day Clock is multi language. You can choose English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Japanese.

Note: The spoken language for the talking clock is English only.

Can you tell me how the alarms and reminders work?

You can set unlimited alarms/on-screen reminders for events or activities such as Medication, Favourite TV Shows, Birthdays, Exercise etc.. 

Each alarm can be individually customised as follows:

- Message displayed on screen (choose from 24 preset options or write your own)

- Alarm Volume: 0 - 100%

- Alarm Sound: Beep, Classic Ring, Nature Sound, Reverb, Rooster Crow, Musical Scale

- Alarm Length: 15, 30, 60, 90 seconds (unless stopped by Snooze or cancel).

- Days of Week: Select which days of week alarm is to activate (reoccurring).

- Alarm snooze-able or not.

- Flashing screen to attract attention.

What are the 24 preset reminders?


- Take your medication

- Take your morning medication

- Take your lunchtime medication

- Take your Afternoon medication

- Take your Dinnertime medication

- Take your bedtime medication

Daily Activity

- Time to wake up

- Time to go to bed

- Time for breakfast

- Time for lunch

- Time for dinner

- Drink some water

- Brush your teeth

- Time for a wash

- Time for a walk


- The nurse/doctor is visiting

- Your family is visiting

- Your friend is visiting

- Your carer is visiting


- Time for the news on TV

- Time for bingo

- Time for your fitness class

Add a Birthday: Add the persons name. Birthday reminders automatically reoccur annually.

Add a Holiday

Write a Custom Message

Does the colon between the hours and minutes blink?

You can choose to have them blink or not. By default the blinking is turned off.

Does the clock make any noise (tick, etc.)?

No, it is completely silent.

Does the Day Clock support 24 hour mode (Military Time)?

Yes, 24 hour time can be chosen during initial set up.

Can I set the clock to show dd/mm/yyyy (31 December 2017) as opposed to mm/dd/yyyy (December 31, 2017)?

Yes, this can set to your preference.

Can I use the USB port?

The USB is not for consumer use, it is for service upgrading only.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy with confidence. We're confident you'll love robin clock. However, if for any reason you decide it's not for you, simply let us know within 30 days and return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

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