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Music so simple, everyone can enjoy it.

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Product Details

Everyone should be able to enjoy the connection that music & radio can bring to our lives.

The Relish Radio is perfect for those of us who find typical Radio/MP3 players too complex or frustrating to use.

Easy to understand buttons, personalisation and great sound quality all in a stylish design that looks good in any environment.

Introducing Relish Radio.
Blending a retro-nostalgic aesthetic with a contemporary modern finish, this radio represents research and refinement from colour accents that provide greater visibility and ease of use, to unique button tones that help people identify features based on sound. Relish Radio minimises confusion and maximises independence.

Relish Radio provides an easy-to-use control panel with large tactile buttons for clarity and a volume dial that never reaches zero, to ensure the user always knows when the radio is on.

Individuality was not overlooked.
The personalisation panel on top of the radio allows for unique station pre-sets to be programmed. Whether your preference is the ‘Swinging 60s’, ‘Relaxing Afternoons’ or ‘Talk-Back Radio’ this feature helps you truly make it your own.

Music and Dementia.
Music is a powerful tool for improving the wellbeing of people with dementia. It allows them to connect with their past and people in their present with its ability to light up memories. 

As well as reducing agitation and distress, recent findings suggest that musical training delays cognitive decline and promotes brain plasticity in the elderly brain.

When tuned into their favourite station and enjoy the sound of someone humming, whistling or singing along. You may even see an impromptu twirl or foot-tapping, symptomatic of an impulsive expression of contentment, relaxation, and happiness.


- DAB+ Radio tuner
- See available stations in your area.
- FM Radio tuner.
- Assignable presets x 3.
- Telescopic antenna.
- 3 line LCD display.

USB Port
- Supports MP3 playback.
- Linear playback with auto resume from last track.
- Play/Pause function
- Max length of USB: 5.5cm

- Scribble strips for personalisation
- 3 for radio, 1 for USB Playback.
- 5 blank scribble strip sheets provided.

- 3.5mm headphone socket.
- Stereo speakers (2" drivers)
- Output power: 3 Watt RMS

- Australian power adapter included.
- Input: 5.9V DC. 1.5 amp.
- Batteries (optional): 4 x Type D (not included) 
- Power consumption: 8.85 watts

- 245mm x 108mm x 182mm (WxDxH) 
- Weight: 1.8Kg

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Simple Music Player

by Relish

Music so simple, everyone can enjoy it!

Simple music player with easy to read labels

Make It Personal

Personal scribble strips for instant access to favourites

Simple Music Player with separate on and off buttons

Separate On/Off Buttons

Clearly labelled, easy to read tactile buttons.

Simple Music Player with easy volume knob

A Unique Volume Knob

The volume knob never goes to ZERO, so you can always hear if the radio is On or Off.

Simple Music Player with hidden control panel

No Accidental Changes

A hidden control panel ensures settings don't get accidentally changed.

Simple Music Player with DAB radio

No Fuzzy Reception

DAB+ Digital Radio ensures perfect tuning every time with access to hundreds of unique stations*

Simple Music Player with MP3 playback for music and audio books

Enjoy MP3 Music or AudioBooks

Create your favourite MP3 playlist or enjoy MP3 Audio Books.

Simple Music Player with headphone output

Headphone Ready + more

Headphone socket for silent listening.

Australian power supply included.

Optional battery operation for portability.

Simple Music Player with gift box

The Perfect Gift

Beautifully packaged, includes a simple 'get started' guide, Australian power supply and five scribble strip sheets.

There is no mention of ageing, memory-loss or dementia on the product, packaging or user manual.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy with confidence. We're confident you'll love Relish Radio. However, if for any reason you decide it's not for you, simply let us know within 30 days and return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

About Us

  • 100% Australian owned.
  • Australian stock & Australian support.
  • Our mission is to supply easy-to-use products that enhance life, independence & personal wellbeing.
  • Our priority is you. We'll always treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Separate On/Off Buttons

The typical power button symbol is non-descriptive & provides little clarity as to it's function.

Relish Radio has independent, clearly labelled, and tactile ON/OFF buttons. 

This greatly reduces the likelihood of confusion.

A Typical Power Button

Relish Power Buttons

Non-Muting Volume Knob

When a typical volume knob is turned all the way down, the user can easily think the Radio is OFF.

So when they turn the radio ON and don't hear anything, it can easily generate confusion.

For this reason, the volume knob on Relish Radio never goes to zero, so even when turned all the way down, they can still hear that the radio is actually on.

Hidden Control Panel

To ensure consistent, reliable operation, all settings are hidden behind a removable cover. No tools are required to remove the cover but it does require two hands.

Settings that are behind the panel include:

- Tuning the radio

- Configuring presets

- DAB+ or FM Radio mode

- Scanning for stations

- MP3  shuffle or linear mode

This is also where the USB stick for MP3 playback is inserted and where the optional batteries are installed.

So once set up, you can be confident everything remains as it was originally set up.

DAB+ Digital Radio

You would be familiar with AM and FM Radio. Well now there is also Digital Radio. Digital Radio is broadcast across Australia using the DAB+ broadcast standard.

There are three main benefits to Digital Radio:

1. Perfect tuning. No more fuzzy stations.

2. Sound Quality. DAB+ broadcasts superb quality sound.

3. More Stations. Not only are most of your favourite stations available, but there are many additional stations across various ethnicities, religions, genres and more.

Visit DAB+ Radio Australia to check what stations are available in your area.

NOTE: DAB+ broadcasts aren't available in some rural areas or in New Zealand. You can enter your post code here to see what stations are available in your area.

*Relish Radio also has a traditional FM Radio tuner built in, so even if in an area that does not have DAB+ available, you will still be able to enjoy a quality radio experience.

About MP3 Playback

The 4th pre-set button is dedicated to the playback of MP3s from the USB slot.

A single USB drive can hold thousands of songs, so this is a great way to enjoy all those favourite CDs that don't get listened to anymore.

Playback order is linear with auto resume from last track. This makes it ideal for hundreds of music tracks or MP3 Audio Books. 

Playback loops back to the beginning once all tracks have been played.

NOTE: The USB stick needs to be less than 5cm long in order to fit in the available USB slot.

Suitable USB sticks are available to purchase in the Accessories section of our store.

Scribble Strips

Scribble Strips provide the ability to label each pre-set as something that makes the most sense to the user.

For example:

- ABC News

- Morning Radio

- Evening Radio

- Classical Music

or anything else that is helpful.

Even label the presets in the native language of the user if English is not their first language.

Five blank scribble strip cards come with each radio. You can easily photo copy more or send us an email and we'll send you some more.

Headphones and more...


A 3.5mm headphone socket is available on the rear for private listening.

Power Supply

Australian safety approved power supply is included with each radio.

Battery Operation

For portability, the Relish Radio can also operate from 4 x D size batteries. These are not included but are available for purchase from the accessories section in our store.